Waterjet Cutting CNC Machine Shop in Tri-Cities

What is Waterjet Cutting? Comparing Waterjet Cutting to Laser Cutting

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Waterjet cutting has revolutionized the field of CNC metalwork in that we can now achieve extremely clean and precise cuts without the heat of traditional lasers. Using the power of computerized technology and extremely high-pressured waterjets, our CNC team is able to execute down-to-the-millimeter accurate cuts into virtually any material, regardless of thickness or intricacy of design.

Materials that are compatible with the waterjet cutting process:

  • Metal

  • Plastic

  • Composite

  • Ceramic

  • Tile

  • Rubber

  • Glass

  • Stone

  • Wood

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    — Wayne

Extremely Accurate Cuts Precision CNC Cutting for Virtually Any Project

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CNC technology allows the waterjet cutter to follow the exact specifications that you want. Sharp corners, holes, and complex shapes with small inner radii are cut with ease. With the cutting accuracy of ±0.1 to ±0.2mm, waterjets are the best option for internal cut-outs, custom patterns, unique designs, and logos.

This method lends well to many different applications, including:

  • Metal Signs & Décor

  • Glass & Mirrors

  • Furniture Inlays

  • Automotive Parts

  • Engraving

  • Custom Parts

  • Tile